I’ve been blogging before blogging was even a word, and i had to use CSULB’s servers to host my site. My nickname Chimmy created by my classmate and now business partner Jonathan, as an adaptation of CSULB email address jchiemba@csulb.edu. deathbypeanut actually was created by Bryant over a plate of chowfun at Garden Cafe in 2002 when i couldn’t buy chimmy.com.

This website has evolved overtime that first started off just posting pictures of hot girls of the time like Jessica Alba and Kristen Kreuk and moved on to more personal notes of places i went and things i did. For a little time it was a place to showcase some of my photography, or being a critic on movies or things happening in the world. Now its really just become a blog of personal musings, and a diary of past events since my memory is so bad now that i can barely remember what i did the weekend before without writing it down or taking a picture of it.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few places around the world, and i do my best to tell it as it is.¬†Enjoy the readings and please forgive the bad writing because i believe that its more important to just do it than try to perfect it and never finish.

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