The whole reason we decided to stay at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club was because we got a deal to do the time share presentation.

We powered up at breakfast at Eggs ‘n’ Things but made the unfortunate decision to do it on Easter. The place seem short staffed, and limited tables made the wait an hour and half at 7:30 in the morning. Kids held strong, and got rewarded with chocolate pancakes, waffles, and lots of sausage.

We did our 90 (ended up being closer to two hours) presentation, toured the full size suites, made lots of smiles and small talk, and probably said no thanks a dozen times, but it wasn’t as terrible as other people made it out to be. You just can’t give them an inch or else they’ll keep going for as long as they can, manipulating numbers, and points until it seems reasonable while leaving out lots of other details, but at least they were nice throughout the whole process.

So something we noticed during our trip was Alice was having to pee quite often, so just to be safe we brought her into Kaiser to see what was going on, but thankfully after all the tests came back negative, they figured it was just anxiety. While Joy took Alice to the hospital i took Alice to a local park Ala Pu?umalu Community Park. I always enjoy visiting the normal parts of cities just to imagine or pretend that i’m a local. I think its a interesting mental experiment to pretend how life would be if you lived at places you traveled to.

For dinner we picked up some Zippy’s, but again since it was Easter they were all out of chili, so we had to settle for some spaghetti, and wonton men. It was definitely an interesting day like no other.


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