For this trip we didn’t have a set itinerary, just lots of lists of things to do, see, and eat. Since we were all up so early being still on LA time, we headed out to the North Shore for some breakfast at Ted’s Bakery. The drive was nice, and the kids got their first taste of the the island scenery.

Everyone got something the loved. Alice got a croissant sandwich, Leela got a chocolate croissant, I got a locomoco, and Joy got some pie. Due to covid there wasn’t any seating, but i had a better idea of driving down a bit to Sunset Beach, and sitting right down on the sand with the best eating spot on the island.

After breakfast the girls got to play in the sand and the edge of the water only since the short break makes the water too rough to play in.

We went to say hello to the Honu at Laniakea Beach.

As we headed down from the North Shore we had to stop by for Alice’s favorite treat, Matsumoto Shave Ice. Too bad there were so many bees hovering around Alice couldn’t relax and enjoy her POG shave ice.

Continuing south through Haleiwa we stopped for lunch at the ever iconic Giovannis’ Shrimp Truck.

The kids got a kick out of seeing all the chickens roaming around, and getting to write on the truck itself. Leela really enjoyed the shrimp which made us happy, but sad since we had another mouth to share our shrimp with.

The last item on the unplanned agenda was to get some fried pies from McDonald’s across the street. We picked up a fried apple pie, and fried taro pie.

The rest of the day was spent back at the hotel pool where the kids swam until dinner where i picked up a pizza from Pizza Corner Ko Olina.



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