I had been joking for years with some of Joy’s friends that the dads should go somewhere since the wives always go to Vegas every winter. After much debate between Vegas and other places we actually got around to planning a trip out to Portland.

Tony being the youthful one in the group took the 5am flight out while Jeremy and I took the more casual noon flight out to Portland where Tony picked up the rental car and our AirBNB for the trip. Our first stop for a late lunch was at a Thai place called Hat Yai who serves a really good fried chicken along with sticky rice, roti and curry which really hit the spot before we headed to bars for some beers.

After dropping off our things at the house we headed to Culmination Brewing Company where we sampled lots of sour beers.

For dinner we went to Screen Door for some BBQ and southern-ish food.

For the finale of the night we hopped on some scooters and had our own little tour of the Hawthorne area.

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