Sunday we planned a day in Napa Valley/Sonoma to do a little drinking and eating.

Because it was Sunday Ad Hoc normally does only Fried Chicken, but at least for lunch they do it as a Chicken and Waffles meal so we opted for that.

For our wine tasting we went to visit Castello di Amorosa which has a castle as its tasting room which we thought the kids would get a kick out of. It was a pretty hot day so we didn’t spend too much time exploring the grounds, and the tasting room was downstairs and cool so we spent most of our time down there. As the adults enjoyed some wine, the kids made use of the tables of coloring pages snacking on breadsticks and drinking grape juice of their own.

Back in town we tried another another restaurant off of the eater list Shan Dong for some fresh hand made noodles and other normal chinese dishes like spicy won tons.

After dinner we dropped Joy’s parents back off at the hotel and went back to Nina’s so the kids could play one last time since KK and peanut had school the next day.

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