Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the California Science Center to visit the Kelp Forest. Since we were out in LA we figured we should just eat in the city and while browsing Open Table i didn’t see anything interesting and on a whim decided to check out Majordomo if there was ANY reservation and to my surprise there was one at 5:45 for a party of 4. I was shocked since i’ve been trying to get rsvp for months now without even a sniff. So we decided to have a super early Father’s Day dinner. Majordomo is David Chang’s first Los Angeles restaurant that i’ve been eagerly anticipating since his announcement on the House of Carbs podcast back in July 2017. The restaurant is located just north of Chinatown in a very raw industrial area at the moment. I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading a not so great review from Jonathan Gold, but i kept my mind open and enjoyed the offerings that we got. We got there right about opening and there was a long line out the door, but a host came out to get anyone with reservations which seemed to only be us. While we were getting situated Joy took the girls to the bathroom and as they came out i happened to get this video. Thankfully it was a near miss, so no harm no foul. 

The space is modern with high ceilings, Weezer over the radio and different dining areas between the bar, main dining room, back dining room, and large patio. While not a typical kids restaurant they were ready with some coloring pages and crayons, some accessible menu items  but the only down side is that there isn’t a changing table (but the do have bidets), so we had to go back to the valet each time to take care of Leela.I wasn’t really sure what we were going to order ahead of time, but all i knew wanted some meat and try some interesting items. We started off with the Spicy Lamb served with Bing (bread) which was a good palate opener. The kids gobbled up the Bing and Alice even tried some of the lamb. They also brought some more Bing after we devoured the first one and still had some lamb left over. Our second course was the cheese-less Mac and Chickpeas which the kids also enjoyed and devoured. We were thinking of ordering the Boneless Chuck Short Ribs for two at $85, but instead went with the Whole Steam Rockfish in a black bean sauce and the Grilled Prime Skirt steak for about the same cost. The fish was huge and we only ate half of it to keep room for the steak. Maybe we were already getting full at this point but for us the steak was just fine, even though the pickled onion rings were a surprise. We really did order too much food for us two plus two kids.

It was a very fun meal that was a great treat the parents at least. Next time i’d like to come with just the adults and order the $200 APL Short Ribs.

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