Last winter on some random night when Alice was asleep i put on John Wick on VOD hearing that it was a good movie from the periphery. The first movie was a fun shoot’em up movie with some interesting takes on a assassin for hire world. So it peaked our interest that a second movie was coming this year.

The movie starts off basically where the first one ended and from that point the movie kicks off into a bit of world building, diving deeper into the assassin world, worldwide.

Throughout the movie it pulls from different movies cliches with a bit of a James Bond. From the gear up sequence, and the villains/opponents each piece of the story helps expand what is dangerous to create a tense mood toward the second half of the movie. I really like the stylistic options especially the 60s style switchboard where all the hits are called in, and the little drops of comedy flowed into the action. The acting could be improved but the lack of dialog on the part Keanu Reeves probably works in his favor. The end of the movie leads perfectly into a trilogy and i can’t wait until it comes out.

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