Club 33 is an exclusive Members Only Restaurant located inside Disneyland (New Orleans more specifically). I always wondered and hoped that one day i would find a way in and my chance finally arrived, thanks to a friend of a friend’s father in-law. We were lucky enough to score lunch dining reservations for a party of 12 for a Sunday afternoon in the park.

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To kick off the day with a bang we decided to buy an annual pass (more on that later), and even splurged on Alice’s own pass even though they still don’t check her at the front gate. After playing in the park for a few hours, we made our way to New Orleans Square to meet up with the rest of our party.

Club 33 went through some renovations in the passed few years, and the entrance to the club moved away from the Blue Bayou, and now sits near the Pandora store in the back of the land. They’ve got an intercom system setup where you have to announce yourselves and be checked against their reservation list.

Once through the doors we got to hang out inside the Court of Angels, and sip on some apple cider while we waited for the last of our party to arrive. They asked for us not to shoot any video but we could snap as many photos as we liked. It was oddly quiet with the hustle and bustle of the rest of the park just a few feet away.

Once we were all there, we were led up the stairs up into the dining area where to left was a truly members only lounge and the dining room straight ahead which lives directly above Cafe Orleans with a view of the Rivers of America. Its a white tablecloth dining with professional servers and where dressing up makes you fit in.

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The lunch is a $90 four course prix fixe menu for the adults and a $40 three course menu for the kids. I thought the menu was thoughtfully put together with some traditional items and more “adventurous” dishes. The best part though was being to order alcohol inside the park. They have a full bar so you can get your favorite cocktail, but i opted for a glass of white wine to keep it classy.

The kids got crayons and some pictures to color to pass the time. Since this is a fancy meal each course takes quite a bit of time to come out, but thankfully Alice behaved herself during the course of the 2 hour meal.

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While we waited for the food we explored the really nice restrooms, artwork around the dining room, and we got an extra surprise when Mickey and Minnie dropped by the restaurant to say hello.

Lunch service starting with fresh warm bread service along with salted butter. Our first course was a very tasty crab cake, lobster rockerfeller, and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. What surprised me most was that alice drank her tomato soup with her sandwich, it must be disney magic. Second Course was an average soup and salad. Third course i probably got the best dish with the Grilled Lamb T-bone served on top of a braised lamb ravioli, and Joy’s beef two ways was pretty good too. Alice was stuffed from her soup and sandwich so she didn’t really touch her burgers. The desserts were good and finished off the meal very nicely.


My overall experience was positive since i had already braced myself for the cost of the meal, and just getting to experience was worth it enough. Getting to see how the other 1% live was extremely fun and i would do it again in a heartbeat … maybe in another ten years. In terms of reviewing the restaurant i thought the the service was top notch, and while the food was prepared as well as the food at Napa Rose, the creativity was just below in my opinion.

As a parting gift to ourselves we picked up a Christmas Ornament Door to remember the day every year.

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