Its been a fun month of Home ownership this month for some odd reason. At the beginning of the month our internet went out, and we were without our main source of home entertainment for a few days. We were all stuck watching a single TV of over the air programming until Frontier Fios came out and had to replace our ONT unit in the garage.

Last week our AC decided to quit on us during the hottest week of the year. With temperatures hitting the triple digits we had to resort to pulling out all the fans we had, and taking many trips to the mall to beat the heat. I had initially called in a AC repair man, but remembered i had a home warranty which delayed our fix for a few days. Man was i happy when i came home to the sound of the AC unit whirring.

This week i thought that i was just the last sucker to take a shower to get only cold water, but looks like our pilot light went out on our water heater. Made an appointment with the gas company to come out to relight it but their schedule was literally 8am-8pm but they didn’t show up until 8:30pm which actually scared us when he knocked on the door. He got the thing relit, but said we had a very odd water heater that he’s only seen once before. Just makes me think i should plan on getting a new one.

This is all on top of me trying to redo our front yard, and getting quotes on someone to do the backyard.

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