Months ago a saw a posting about Star Wars Celebration tickets going on sale and seeing if anyone wanted to go, and of course i wanted to go. Episode VII coming out it made the event that much bigger and as the weeks went by and more and more announcements were made of guest speakers, and special panels.  

We carpooled to the Anaheim Convention Center and got there about a half hour before it opened, and all the parking lots were full and people were being directed to Angels stadium, but i figured we could just park at Disneyland for free instead which worked out. (The funny thing is that i’ve never met these guys before, but we’re living parallel lives so it was all fun)


Outside the Convention Center was teaming with plenty of cosplay people ranging from a plethora of storm troopers, and Jedis, but the best were those random side characters and the ones who take it to a different place.

Once inside the queue to get in filled an entire warehouse. It probably took us 20 minutes to finally make our way inside and it was a bit overwhelming since we didn’t really plan what to do. All i knew i wanted to do is get some pictures with the props setup all around the halls. I had a really good time zig-zagging through the aisles just checking everything out but got really tiring.


The most disappointing thing was that I wanted to pick up some exclusive t-shirts at the store, and the wait to get in was an hour long, and when we got in, there was nothing left that i wanted. I’m not sure why they don’t plan it any better because i figured on day 2 of 4 there would still be merchandise left. We didn’t want to wait in the two hour long waits for all the good panels and just browsed around and tried to do some shopping, but ended up buying anything.

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  1. Love the recap! I didn’t hear about this event until just a few weeks before and by then, I had plans for the weekend and the ticket prices seemed to be really high (or maybe I’m just really cheap). Oh well, hopefully it’ll come back to Anaheim again soon. It seemed like a really fun event based on all the coverage I’ve read.

    Your pics are awesome, btw. 🙂

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