Sunday night we called up Grandma, and went out for an Adult Dinner for Ben’s 36th birthday. It felt weird not having to be pushing a stroller, and be able to take a casual stroll down the street, and popup into random shops without worry about chasing after the destroyer. 


Dinner was also very relaxing, starting off by a bottle of wine, lots of food to share. Odys + Penelope on La Brea is the latest opening from the Hatfields, which we dined at years ago. That restaurant eventually closed and this is their new venture, which i was afraid that they turned in their white table clothes for a turn and burn service restaurant, and after dining here falls somewhere in the middle.


We started off with some delicious fried mushrooms which reminded me of calimari, grilled prawns, and bbq ribs which were also great.


The mains were good, but all lacked something to make them memorable. We got he tri-tip, porcchetta, parpadelli and kale salad.


After dinner we headed to Milk for some more dessert, and you here you can see the awesome stach that Ben’s been growing out for the past six months which he had to shave off this week.

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