For Joy’s birthday this year i booked a special dinner at the Napa Rose at Disney’s Grand California Hotel. This was our first dinner ever at this restaurant and why not go all out and eat at the Chef’s Counter. I booked them a little late so we had to sit at the Dessert Counter side but found it just as enjoyable.


After we dropped off Alice at my parents we headed over at Valeted our car at the Grand California which is free for 5 hours for dining at the Napa Rose. It was a little rainy but we still managed to sneak on a ride at the Pirates of the Caribbean.

We got back to the restaurant at 5pm but they don’t start seating dinner until 5:30pm so we grabbed a drink at the bar. Joy ordered a Napa Passion which she said tasted like fruit punch.


The biggest benefit of sitting at the counter (besides the show) is that you can order a special vintners menu ($100) which is five courses customized towards your taste. So the chef or sous chef will come by before you start and ask preferences will pick out dishes that he thinks you’ll like the most. It was fun to see what dishes he chose for us and thought he did a good job of mixing things up between the two of us and not duplicating any dish.

Pastry Chef Rachel
Pastry Chef Rachel

It was fun interacting with the Pastry Chef asking (more like bugging) her things she was working on and how much oranges she’d been peeling. Dinner took about 2 hours to complete with only two seatings a night. Service was really good and food was delicious.

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