Sunday I celebrated my 35th birthday. I originally wanted to go for a run in the morning but decided to just eat some pancakes instead at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in Manhattan Beach. birthday-2

We really didn’t get out to the beach as much as we wanted to this summer  but thankfully the weather is still so nice.



For dinner Joy planned my birthday dinner at Mastro’s steak house in Costa Mesa. It was probably a little too nice of a place to take Alice, because her yelps and cries travels through the restaurant pretty well.


As for the food we ordered a couple appetizers, and shared a bone-in filet, and a bone-in ribeye with my parents. The filet was super tender, but the ribeye was much beefier in flavor which i prefer. The meats were all prepared very well. I wasn’t the only one celebrating a birthday that night as many slices of cake were leaving the kitchen by the time we were leaving the restaurant.

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