Joy after 5 years at College Hospital has moved on to become the Director of Social Services at Brotman Hospital in Culver City. This is a big promotion for her, but also meant that she can’t do Alice’s drop off at the Magical House Day Care. Since my schedule is flexible its now my duty to drive her to Cerritos and take the Metro Green Line back to El Segundo. Its been about four years since i really had a commute to work and i knew what i was getting into since i took the Green Line when i worked for International Rectifier 10 years ago, but its everything else that surrounds it that makes it tiring.

Its a little over a month since i started doing this commute and the actual driving and train isn’t much of a problem its the 3/4 of a mile walk to work from the train station, and the stress of leaving work early so that i can pick Alice before 5pm. Thankfully Alice really likes my parents so its easy to say goodbye knowing that she’s happy, and itt is a very nice feeling to see her smile when i come to pick her up. I’m not so sure she likes my Sports Talk Radio on our drives but at least she doesn’t complain. Also she gets SUPER excited with Joy walks into the door and literally stops what ever she’s doing and crawls or points towards her.

To make up leaving early at work I try to do a couple hours of work at night to make up for the lost time, but with the amount of work coming in, its beginning to take its toll. We really need to start hiring some more designers and account executive soon or else we’ll start to miss our deadlines.

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