Time just flies when you’re dealing with the little one. I can’t even pull out my laptop to write anymore when she’s around because she instantly wants to crawl over and bang on the keys. So i’m just going to sum up my weekend trip up to Monterey. We’ve been to San Francisco a few times now with Alice and thought we should try something else, and figured Monterey would be a good location to meet up with Nina and Kaylee. I got a pretty good house rental on airbnb.com for two nights that basically fit us, my parents, and nina’s family and granted us access to a full kitchen and bbq.


Originally we were going to rent a van for the 6 hour drive, but for some reason there were no discounts on vans, and many rental companies didn’t even have vans available a month out. I reconfigured the TSX and put Alice in the middle so the back seats had more room to stretch out and it seemed to work well enough. We left Wednesday morning and fought through a bit of LA morning traffic but got out unscathed to Camarillo in two hours. We stopped for a quick  bathroom and feeding break.

Pismo Beach


Two hours more up the coast we stopped at Pismo Beach for lunch at Brad’s Restaurant for some fish & chips, clam chowder and a club sandwich. Alice even got to enjoy some of the table bread which she happily munched on. She has finally reached the age where we can start giving her real foods along with her milk, and she got to try a bunch of stuff the entire trip. Afterwards we walked along the boardwalk for some pictures but quickly turned back to the car after it started to get windy.

Morrow Bay


30 minutes further down the 101 freeway we made our way to Morro Bay which my dad wanted to visit. I had no idea that there was some humongous rock in the middle of the bay which Morro Bay is famous for. We did a quick walk around, and saw a sea lion just hanging out on a rock.



The final destination where we were going to spend the night was the sleepy town of Cambria. I kind of cheaped out on our accommodations since it was only one night, and i regretted it. The place was not very well run, hot since there was no AC, but at least the rooms were clean. While in town we picked up some really good cookies from Red Moose Cookies, and had a nice dinner at Robin’s Restaurant.

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