I am not a fan of the Fair.


I am still not a fan of the Fair, but since Joy said she’s never been to one, i figured we could go if we can get in for cheap, which we did since admission is only $3 before 11am on Saturday and Sunday.


If Las Vegas ever wanted to puke out a food court this is what i imagined it to look like. Lots of obnoxious signage with everything deep fried and wrapped with bacon.



We started off with some deep fried oreos which were already prepared which made them not as fresh as i would’ve liked them.the-oc-fair-5

We opted for a healthier option for lunch with some shimp with rice and pineapple which was ok, but the rice was soggy, or coated with coconut milk? I couldn’t really tell.


The only thing that i actually went searching for was a Texas Donut (big donut) coated with frosting and Cherry Poprocks. It was surprisingly good with the added crunchy texture.


The real treat was after the fair we went to Ritter’s Steam Kettle Cooking for some Pan Roast Seafood, oysters, and cajun fries. Now thats something worth spending money on. I think the flavors are on par with the Oyster Bar in Las Vegas, but lacks that je ne sais quoi of eating in the middle of a casino half drunk.

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