During Joy’s maternity leave we discussed her changing jobs. Her current job has worked out so well for us with Alice’s drop off schedule and relative ease of her current position it was more of just a thought than reality. That was until about two weeks ago when a directors position at another hospital opened up where someone else she knew worked at. She got recommend, went for an interview and a week later was offered a position there. So now she’ll be heading up the social services department of a hospital in Culver City.

We’re both pretty excited and nervous about the change since now we’ll have to do a bit of maneuvering of our routine to hand Alice off to my parents which will include a mix of them coming to pick her up, and me dropping her off in the morning and taking the train back to work. On a side note i’ve also been accepted become an adjunct professor at Santa Monica College so that Jonathan and I can teach a web design class in the fall, more on that later.


To celebrate with took my parents to get some Prime Rib at Lawry’s. Its been almost a year since the last time we were here so it was like seeing an old friend after time apart. Everything was still just as tasty, although a bit more difficult now with Alice in tow.


It was still bright out after dinner we so drove down the street to the Grove to take a walk around, get some ice cream, and do a little shopping. Alice liked the water show, and all the people to stare at.

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