My father’s day started off early when my mom accidentally informed me in a group text that my gift had arrived on Friday, which made my day for the rest of the day. That evening i got to open my present to find my very own GoPro Camera. Of course i spent the next few hours on amazon looking at all the different things i could buy for it.


Sunday morning we went to go see the fish at the California Science Center since its cheaper than the Aquarium of the Pacific. The difference between paying $20-30 per adult vs. any donation amount is a no brainer.

Now that she can lean onto things it makes these trips funner to go. We can let her out of her seat and let her kind of explore on her own accord. She was more interested in the host on the mic and the kids around her than the big fish in the tank.

The rest of day was business as usual with my Huntington Beach Basketball League, and KFC for dinner with my dad.

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