I still try to get my hands dirty when ever i have a little extra time on my hands and wanted to share some of the recipes that i’ve tried and have been happy with. Most of these recipe i halved because i’m not looking to feed an entire family.

Braised Short Ribs and Mashed Potatoes



Short ribs are a pretty easy dish to do as long as you have a dutch oven and time. This short rib recipe works pretty well even if you don’t use pancetta, or thyme.


Canned Apricots


I’m always bugging friends with backyard gardens for any excess fruits or vegetables. This year Robin’s apricot tree was popping off dozen upon dozens of apricot so i rolled over there to pick up a grocery bag full of them. I kept the skin on and they do break down enough where you don’t realize they’re there when spreading it on toast.


Carne Asada


Some carne asada recipes require 20 ingredients but i think this recipe does it well enough with more of the basic spices and herbs that should be in your cupboard already.





I picked up some branzino at the farmers market one weekend and tried out a recipe out of the Frenchie Cook book i had recently bought. It was the first time it basted a fish, and boy that butter oil can really splash on your hand a lot if you’re not careful about it. Too bad my vin jaune sauce didn’t come together and was just a oniony chunky relish instead of an actual sauce.



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