Monday afternoon i participated in my first charity golf scramble event for the New Hope Grief Charity group. On of our business partners John Matlock is a board member and invited me to come out for a good cause (and to do a little networking). The event was held at the Recreation Park Golf Course in Long Beach, a course i’m quite familiar with.


This was the first time that i played in a scramble format which is a best ball format. Our team was comprised of myself, Matlock and two of his friends with a range of skills that worked out quite well in this format. I was a little nervous having to work as a team, but i’m glad my driving skills were turned on because i was crushing the ball, but my midrange game was lacking, and my close game was spotty. At the end of the day we ended up at a score of 4 under which was respectable but nowhere close to the 18 under winning score.


The day was definitely different because we started on the 5th hole, where we could challenge a pro to get closest to the pin to win a prize. The next hole was sponsored by Bubba Gump offering ceviche, a Benz dealership offering a car for a hole in one, a massage therapist on another, and beer on the 1st hole.

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