Saturday afternoon we celebrated the upcoming arrival of the Mani-Chan baby at Tiffany’s aunt’s house in Bel Air. It was the first time i got to go through those gates located just north of the UCLA campus, and i was mildly unimpressed by what i found there. What i did find was pretty much an ordinary track homes lined with lots of benz, bmws, and bentleys.


Of course the entire backyard was decorated from heads to tail (Tiffany’s a event planner of course) and a catering staff constantly adding new items to the buffet table.


We got there early and enjoyed the peace and quiet before everyone else arrived, and had a good time even with the temperature rising as the day got longer.


Alice was the only kid allowed at the party since she couldn’t run around and cause trouble and so everyone wanted a little piece of the chubster. Tiffany’s cousin was even trying to teach her about the higher end of life showing off her 4 karat engagement ring and letting her play with her Chanel Sunglasses.

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