I don’t remember the last time i took a day off that didn’t involve some sort of trip. With Alice having her 6 month doctor visit, and Joy and I needing our yearly dental check up it was a good day to take off for both of us.

Joy was kind enough to let me miss this doctor’s visit so that i could get an early round of golf with cousin Pish at Dad Miller in Anaheim. It must have been at least 10 years since the last time i played there, and since then a few things changed. The biggest is that Tiger Woods bought the area where the range used to be to build a Tiger Woods Golf Academy, and they shortened the par 6 18th to a normal par 5.


Our tee time was at 6am which we thought would make us the first one out, but we were at least the 3rd group out. I hadn’t swung a club since last August and my game was pretty rusty. Ended up shooting a 110 mixing in a couple quadruples with a couple pars with lots of triples in between. It was still a fun morning and we got out of there before 10am.


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