Ever since my brunch at Bruxie, Jeremy and I have been in a ongoing conversation about making our own Chicken and Waffles and we eventually settled on having a Southern Luau on Sunday afternoon. I spent the entire week purchasing a new waffle iron, researching recipes and testing out different recipes. Jeremy spent his time getting the fried chicken ready and we joined forces at his house to combine what we learned. chicken-waffles-7 I eventually setteled on the Belgium Waffle Recipe from The Kitchn. The only adjustments i made to the recipe was to add half of the sugar to the water before adding in the yeast, and adding a little Vanilla Extract to the batter as well. chicken-waffles-6 Every party needs to start out with some refreshment and there was plenty of white and red sangria to go around for eight adults. chicken-waffles-2 The eating was a progressive meal as we were making waffles and frying chicken on a constant cycle to get everything as fresh as possible. chicken-waffles-3 Jeremy’s chicken was golden and crispy and with a touch of Louisiana Hot Sauce was prefect. chicken-waffles-5 I also made some cole slaw and did make my own chicken sandwich. Nothing better with a touch of sweet, salty, sour, chewy, and crunch. Definitely a success on both of our parts. chicken-waffles-4 We eventually finished eating and had some left over batter, so we decided to dip some strawberries in the waffle batter and give them a little bath in the frying oil. Actually tasted pretty good, since its basically like funnel cake.

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