I can’t believe but six months later was the first time i had to take care of Alice all by myself. Its not that i’d been avoiding it, its just circumstances always had me needing help for one reason or another. This week i spent the better part of two days with her, hanging out, feeding, sleeping, playing, and going out.


Thankfully she loves being out, and really only complains now when you leave her on the floor and leaving to do chores. The hardest part has been taking care of her midnight wakings and getting her back to sleep without feeding her. It hit me really hard on Saturday afternoon while visiting my parents where i took a nap for almost 2 hours. I didn’t even realize how tired i was until i woke up and felt so much better. I’m definitely grateful to have Joy around to share the burden, but i’m glad at least she’s a happy baby that loves being with us where ever we go.

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