Today may be the first day of spring, but i could’ve sworn it was Saturday. In the afternoon we went out to Brea for Quinn’s second birthday party at the Wildcatter Park. It was a hot weekend with the temperature reaching into the 90s. It was a good day for a birthday party, but a bad day for someone who’s got some allergies. I held up pretty well throughout the day, just needing to blow my nose, but by the time we got home i was ready to pass out, and pass out i did.

girlsBack at the party Alice got to hangout with all her aunties, uncles, and pals in the patio. We also found out Joy’s friend Shelly is now expecting her first kid so everyone was excited. Now the game is to see who’s going to have the first second kid.

park Once the weather started to cool off we moved to the grass where we could spread out a little more and let the kids who could walk to run around and get into trouble.


And of course we took her down the slide.

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