I can’t believe its been 5 years since our wedding in Hawaii. This 5th year has definitely been a different one. We started the year in our second trimester of Alice’s pregnancy. We did lots of eating and had a good trip to Portland for our babymoon.


Our actual anniversary day happened to be the day that Joy went back to work after her maternity leave so we decided to leave it until the weekend to celebrate. In addition to that we went for lunch instead of dinner since its easier to deal with the kid.


Fishing with Dynamite is the seafood sister restaurant to M.B. Post. I was excited to try their clam chowder since its the same kind that is made at Hog Island up in San Francisco. It was really good too so its nice to have a place down the street instead of up interstate 5. We also had a half dozen oysters, a peppery Po’ Boy, fries and another Thai sandwich which we’re very happy with.



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