For Joy’s birthday and last hurrah before ending her maternity leave we headed up to San Francisco for a long weekend of fun, and new adventures. It was our first adventure flying with a baby in tow and boy was it an experience. My sister gave me a heads up that we should pack bags that can be held on our shoulders rather than rolly bags because SF has many stairs to get around, and having to deal with a stroller and bags is a nightmare. Thankfully getting through security at the airport was a breeze since we got to use an express lane and get through without any problems. Just he logistics of packing an extra bag and bringing the stroller was crazy, but we got through it. I’m not sure how we people deal with longer trips.


Once on the plane we fed Alice her bottle and she seemed to handle takeoff well, but i think half way through she started to get hot and started to fuss but didn’t cry thankfully.


We took the BART from the airport into the city and checked into the Westin St. Francis next to Union Square where Nina, Kaylee and my mom met up with us.



For dinner we took the F Line to Hllstones near Pier 39 and had a nice dinner with everyone.  For dessert we went to a Korean Cafe near our hotel appropriately named Joy’s Place for some Waffles and Ice Cream.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Joy! Flying with an infant seems so stressful! It’s already frustrating enough as an adult. Can’t wait to read more about your trip!

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