jamesMonday we had a afternoon flight back to LA, that gave us enough time to walk around the city center when it was a little less busy and gave me time to meet up with James who i haven’t seen for years. He was my boss when i was an intern ten years ago and we’ve both moved on doing the whole wife and family deal so we don’t have many chances to hangout, so it was good to meet up with him while he was setting up his company’s trade show booth.

flightOur flight home became a little more stressful because when we got on the plane and started to taxi the pilot announced that there was a delay at LAX and would be grounded for 20 minutes (which turned into 40 minutes). I checked my phone and found that there was a suitcase left behind which meant the bomb squad had to be called in. Thankfully Alice went to sleep and she didn’t cause a fuss the entire flight back home.



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