The other week Joy and I went wanted to get some sushi, and with Alice in tow we decided to try another revolving sushi bar which we regretted right away. So to make up for it this past Friday we went to our local sushi bar Sushi Bei, really early in the evening to beat the Valentines rush. Thankfully there were only a couple older couples at the bar, and we got to sit adjacent to the bar at a table which allowed us to order directly from our sushi chef Aki, instead of ordering off of the menu, and getting everything at once.


We got our normal assortment of of hamachi, albacore, ami ebi, and a couple hand rolls, and enjoy a dinner out with Alice. We’ve gotten into the habit of not bringing in a carseat when we go eat because sometimes its difficult to find a good place for it, and half way through dinner she gets fussy and we end up taking her out anyways. Thankfully she’s well behaved once she’s out and just likes to stare at everything we’re eating.


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