Saturday Joy had a mom’s day out with her friends at the spa which meant that Alice was going to all alone with me. That was the plan at least up until I i broke the kitchen sink the night before. That meant i had to call my parents to come help me out. My dad worked with me to getting the sink back in working order while my mom kept Alice entertained. While trying to clear a clog in the sink i snapped a plastic pipe which was running into the main line. So i had to run to the store buy some new piping and figure out how best to fix the problem. It took a little banging and prying but eventually replaced the pipes and got the sink back in working order.

treasure-potAfterwards we went to lunch at Treasure Pot in Downey for some Thai food, which of course meant my parents knew some people there. The rest of the day was spent at my parents’ house just hanging out, watching TV and taking a nap.

bjs Once Joy got done with her spa day, we went out to BJs for some pizza. Alice’s poop schedule is way different than it was a week ago when it ran like clockwork, and she had a massive evacuation of the system while waiting for our table and crapped all over her shirt which meant she spent all dinner in just her sweater. Poor thing.

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