The Magic Castle®, located at 7001 Franklin Avenue in the Hollywood district of Los AngelesCalifornia, is a nightclub formagicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It bills itself as “the most unusual private club in the world.”

A few months ago I was talking about wanting to go to The Magic Castle(TMC) with Tiffany, and she mentioned she could get us in if we wanted to go. Of course I said yes, but since at the time Joy was still pregnant, and it was out in Hollywood we needed a weekend reservation, which ended up being this past Sunday.


Thankfully my mom said she could stay over and babysit Alice over the night, so Joy got a chance to dress up, and enjoy an evening with our friends. Our night was joined by Tiffany and Ben of course, Shane and Joann, and Tiffany’s cousin.

magic-castle-2TMC doesn’t allow pictures beyond the lobby so this is the only pictures i could take, and its hard to explain how interesting the building is. Its like a house that was in constant expansion with lots of stairs and rooms around different corners where random magicians hangout waiting to be engaged and put on a show for a few or a group of people. I’m not sure if it was because of just my age, or just the advancement in home technology that everything was just a bit kitchy and the whole time you were just like, oh i know how that works.

We had dinner reservations at 6pm where i got to try Beef Wellington for the first time, while Joy enjoyed some filet of beef. The food was fine, nothing to be wow’d about but nothing terrible.

The main attraction of the night was a show in their auditorium which looked like it was straight out of the 70s or 80s Vegas with the overacting magician and dancing assistant but was fun nevertheless. It seemed like it was straight out of some comedy parody show, but for real.


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