Tuesday was a hectic day. The previous days the kid had been crying and spitting up more than usual so joy made an appointment in the afternoon for her to see her pediatrician, but i also had a eye exam in the early afternoon, and of course had to go to work to take care of some things. We ended up at my parents house where i finished up my work and my mom offered to watch Alice so we could get away and catch a movie for Discount Tuesdays at the mall.


I heard good things about Frozen, and wasn’t in the right mood to watch Hunger Games. I wasn’t really sure what the premise of the movie was, and i was pleasantly surprised about the story arc and conclusion of the movie. I couldn’t place a name to the voices of the characters, and was surprised that it was Kristen Bell was actually the voice of Anna and did her singing as well. The side kicks of the movie, Sven and Olaf, were your typical lovable comedy relief, which helped lighten the mood between the more intense scenes of the movie.

It wouldn’t be a Disney movie without a bunch of musical pieces, but as much as i liked the first half of the movie’s songs, the second half really took away from the flow of the movie.

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