The Holidays are now over, and i never could find anytime to update my blog. Honestly i just never got into the Holiday spirit this year, and i don’t know because i lost a mental month because of Alice, or because its been 75° in Los Angeles all of December. Here’a quick recap of all the things I did with all my friends.

December 21 – Han Party

han-partykidsThao and Dinh threw their annal holiday party, and it was CRAZY. The food was awesome as usual, but there were a good 30 people that we didn’t know, and a good 10 more kids running around at knee level. We were pretty much bunkered up in one of the dens where we barely moved from. At least our kids had just enough room to kind of interact which one another.

December 22 – Le Party

lunchmilesThe next day we went over to Tony and May’s new house for a house warming lunch with a smaller group of friends. It was a lot easier to catch up with the same friends from the night before with a little more room to stretch out.

Joy made my mom’s secret recipe cheesecake and got a lesson from her on how to decorate it.

December 26 – Pat’s Christmas Party

presentsThe day after Christmas Joy and I went over to her cousin Anne’s house where cousin Pat wanted to have all the kids over for a present opening party. All the kids had plenty of presents to open up and Alice got a few things too.

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