Its already been one week since we brought Alice home and she’s already changing faster than expected. When we first brought her home it was almost clockwork as we would feed her, change her diaper, then put her to sleep for a couple hours. I had a good rocking/shushing to get her to fall asleep all by myself.

Now she’s taken to the boob quite well and now can’t fall asleep unless she’s pacified by it. I’ve tried using our elephant pacifier to pacifier when we know she’s already eaten and is just looking for comfort but its not totally working. She’s not really enjoying hanging out with me for long periods of time, and we’re still trying to figure out whats changed that we need to adjust our routine to help her fall asleep easier again.


As for work its been a good time to get some time off from working full time (i’m still working at home, and popping into work when my mom visits). Thankfully the projects i’m working on are pretty easy and i can manage it all from my laptop at home.  Next week Jonathan is heading to Switzerland with one of our developers to work on a project, and I’ll have to probably pop into the office a little more often to make sure everything doesn’t fall apart.

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