As you can imagine not much has been happening really to talk about since Alice takes up most of my time. I’ve gone back to work semi-full time, and getting used to living in 3 hour blocks as thats about the time between feedings. Days are starting to blend into each other, and i can’t remember if its Monday or Thursdays on any given day.

This past weekend i had gotten up for a 5am feeding and just stayed up. Thankfully my sister was up around the same time and she setup a Nike Running App Challenge to run a total of 30 miles in 30 days. This got me out of bed to go on a run before the sun came up and its been a good motivation to get out before going to work, because the early evenings are tougher as Alice likes to stay up and hang out rather than going back to sleep. After day 1 my knees were really hurting but didn’t last as long as it normally does.

Work has been a little more tricky as Jonathan left with one of our developers to Zurich Switzerland for a 2.5 week project which basically meant that 40% of the web team became unavailable to complete on going project in house. My schedule has worked itself out to be something like wake up at 5, help out with Alice, work for an hour then go for a run. Cook breakfast, shower, and spend some morning hours with Alice. Head to work until about 4-5pm. Come home, cook dinner, and help out with what i can until i pass out between 9pm-midnight.

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