Joy is heading into full term tomorrow and basically all things are looking normal. Joy’s last week of work is going to be next week, and she’s looking forward to having a little time off before giving birth. Alice has been shiving Joy from the inside which is making it difficult for her to sleep some nights, but other than that she seems to be handling the pregnancy pretty well in my opinion.


We’ve hit the midway point of our childbirth preparation class that we’ve been taking at Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim every Wednesday night which while driving i want to take a turn to head to Disneyland, but once in class i find everything i’m learning is fascinating. I don’t know if i just never paid attention in class or actually never took an anatomy class but everything is new to me. Last night i watched my first child birth video which of course made me feel nervous, but now i have and i know what to expect.


Thankfully most of the people in class are pretty relaxed and while everyone is taking it serious everyone is a little sarcastic which lightens up the mood of the class. The other benefit is that one of the fathers owns a couple Cinnabons and so he brings in treats for us to snack on.

childbirth-prep-3Back at home we’ve put away all our baby shower gifts, setup our stroller and installed our carseat base. We’re on a 20 day countdown until the due date so i’m going to pause my Sunday night basketball games and begin stretching daily for the work i’ll have to put in on dday.

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