For date night number 4 i originally had planned a Sunday Night Supper at Lucques (sister to AOC) but i was needed for my basketball league so i had to make a change in reservations. With most restaurants booked up i was pleased at getting a 6:30pm reservation at Osteria Mozza (sister of Pizzeria Mozza) the more formal dining experience of the Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich group.


As we were being seated we were brought pass the busy main dining area into the back area which felt awkward since we were the only ones there in this sectioned off area because it was so much quieter, it ended up being super nice because we could actually talk without screaming compared to the main area.

osteria-mozza-goat-cheese-ravioli osteria-mozza-grilled-octopus

We once again over ordered but it was understandable since it was our first time there and wanted to try a bunch of stuff. We started off with a grilled octopus dish, along with a bacon mozzarella dish. For our primi course I of course went with a goat cheese ravioli, and joy went with a oxtail ragu tagliatelle. Lastly we ordered the Duck al Mattone.

The best dish the grilled octopus, followed by the two pasta dishes. The duck came out after we were pretty much done and so we ended up taking most of it home to make duck noodle soup with it. We ended up going to Milk for dessert but they were nice enough to drop off a scoop of gelato on our table to congratulate us on our upcoming Fatty Jr.

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