Saturday night I invited the Manichans to our weekly dinner date night. They made reservations for us and we were totally confused because Ben called the place Gousteau’s, and we kept searching and searching for it online and couldn’t not find it. Only until we got to their house we learned that Ben kept giving the name a French twist instead of an Italian twist which meant the restaurant’s name was really Gusto.


Joy and I actually walked by Gusto the night we went to Son of  Gun which was just a couple doors down. Gusto is a small restaurant with s concise menu, which allowed us to pick and choose a good number of dishes that covered most of the menu.


We started off with the Carciofi (fried artichokes) and Polpette (meatballs) and a sausage pizza. For our pasta dishes we got the Ravioli (spinach, ricotta, bacon) a much better ravioli compared to last week’s ravioli at Osteria Mozza. Carbonara, and Casarecci (lamb ragu). To finish off the meal we got the Merluzzo Nero (black cod). It was a nice dinner, and i actually preferred the more casual meal compared to Osteria Mozza.



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