I’m glad that i’m still getting some benefits to being a Yelp Elite. This month i got tickets to the preview night of TOTEM down in San Pedro. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it because how busy work has been, but thankfully i got off at a normal hour and we drove south to check out the show. This would be our second Cirque du Soleil show (Zumanity being the other) and a good distraction from the week. Probably the ost amazing thing was that i didn’t fall asleep in the middle of it.


We arrived a little late because of dinner but when we got to our seats it was a pretty sweet deal. We were in the second level center stage with a great view of everything. The show was supposedly an evolution of man, and featured your assortment of comedy, acrobats and showmanship.

My favorite parts of the show was where these two girls were spinning these things, which i dubbed the pizza tossing performance. A few of the bits seemed like acts from a 90s Vegas show or Lakers half time show, but for the most part it had a good variety of acts and comedy bits.


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