With only six or so more weeks until baby Alice arrives into the world its was time to start enjoying our free nights out as much as possible. For our first Friday Night date we went to Son of Gun of Two Dudes, One Pan fame. Son of a Gun is a small plate seafood restaurant in the Beverly Hills locale which is supposedly really busy, but i scored a 6:30 reservation the day of.

We got some recommendations from our twitter/instagram friend Remil and settled on getting the Lobster Roll, Shrimp Toast, Soft-Shell Crab, and the Fried Chicken Sandwich. The lobster roll was pretty good, but was tiny and is barely big enough to share, so we each got our own. Joy didn’t care for the shrimp toast because it reminded her too much of Thai shrimp toast, but not. The soft-shell crab was tempura fried and served with pork belly which was of course delicious, and the chicken sandwich was a nice was to fill up at the end of the light meal, which made us second guess going for a second dinner (Bakesale Betty’s is still better). We ended up spending around a $100 for our meal with a single glass of wine.

joans-on-third-salt-n-strawWe did end up getting dessert at Son of a Gun, but when we stopped by next door to Joan’s on Third we saw that they were serving Portland’s very own Salt & Straw ice cream, so had to get a second dessert. It was a nice night so we ate it while walking down towards the Beverly Connection.


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