The Wolverine is the last of the summer super hero blockbuster movies. Visually this movie was very well done, but the story line was a bit lacking in my opinion. I can imagine that it would be difficult to follow if you haven’t watched a plethora of different movies considering that The Wolverine is not a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), but a sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).


Spoilers from here on out


What did i like?

Wolverine_yukioI liked the actress/model that they casted to play Yukio (). She was actually able to stand on her own acting/fighting next to Hugh Jackman.

What didn’t i like?

Wolverine-ViperAs much as i liked Yukio, i didn’t care for the Viper character (). She felt dry, and didn’t seem to impart any character into the character. The outfit that she wore at the end of the movie really didn’t make sense for me either, and as much as i like my share of cleavage, it actually took away from the scene.

Just like in Iron Man 3, I think they did a disservice by re-imagining the Silver Samurai they way they did. They basically took away everything that originally made the character special and turned into cgi character added to be killed too quickly.


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