For our last hurrah before the kid pops out, I decided to take Joy out to Portland since its pretty close, they’ve a good food scene, and its got a nice relaxed vibe to the place. I went there some eight or nine years ago and found the place quite relaxing so it was a good place to just take it easy and spend sometime with each other before all hell breaks loose.

I bought some really cheap tickets on Jetblue a few months ago, but when we got to the Long Beach Airport we found out that i accidentally booked the opposite trip, meaning i booked a weekend in LA instead of PDX. It was really early in the morning so the staff was able to help us out without having us have to buy full priced tickets to make our trip.

It was a four fun filled days with lots of food and even some time with an old friend. We got to try out some famous spots, travelled to see some waterfalls and even got to enjoy a summer bbq out at a hops farm. I’ll explain in detail as i go through a couple hundred photos.

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