Sunday morning we woke up early and walked over to Dollar Rent a Car to pick up our rental. We saw all the Subaru Outbacks on the lot and thought it would be a good idea to try one out since we’re thinking of getting one for our next car. (It was a very fun car, but obviously not as fancy as our Acura)


Our first plan for the day was to head 30 minutes east to Multnomah Falls. We got a handy guide from our rental office that there are actually many more falls than just Multnomah and you can take various trails to see them all. We couldn’t the 6-8 mile hikes so we stuck to the 1 mile hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls.

multnomah-falls-topFrom the parking lot you can see the base of the waterfall, and we figured a one mile hike wouldn’t be too bad. We quickly realized that the incline was much steeper than expected. Joy saw another pregnant woman coming down, so she figured that she could finish it too. It took about an hour to get up to the top with frequent rest stops, but it was worth it once you get to see the view.  You can see the perspective by the bridge in both pictures.


The bigger plan for the day was to meet up with my old college buddy Aziz who moved up to Portland three years ago. I’ve knew once he moved up there that i would go visit him, it just took three years, and a child for him to finally get me up there. I finally met his son Jordan, and got to check out his house and garden too.


When I told Aziz when i was coming up, he invited me to his Courthouse’s summer BBQ at a former judge’s Hops Farm out in the countryside. It was a really nice event with lots of food, beer/wine, music, and horses. It was a great place just to hang out and catch up after all these years.



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