Its been a busy summer for movies, and we’ve seen a lot so far, so i’m happy that Joy found out that all Regal Cinemas have Discount Tuesdays at all locations so last week we went to the Rolling Hills Promenade Regal 13 for an early evening showing of the Heat. Joy is a new Melissa McCarthy fan, and a long time Sandra Bullock fan so she really wanted to watch this movie, while i was only so so about it. I’m going to keep this review short, because its one of those movies where you’ll find on TV randomly and just end up watching it over and over again.


Overall i enjoyed the movie, it has a pretty traditional plot line, with two opposite types coming together to solve a problem, fail, and come back to succeed with jokes about each other the whole way through.


Sandra obviously plays the straight laced FBI agent, and Melissa the rough and street wise Boston PD officer, and their conflict of styles don’t mix until the end where they learn valuable lessons from each other. Basically if you liked Sandra in The Proposal, then you’ll enjoy this movie, because its the same movie, just in a different setting.

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