The 4th of July seemed to creep on me this year, and thankfully i don’t really need to plan any activities since we seem to have a new tradition with Joy’s family. Thursday morning Joy and I packed up our beach gear and headed to Manhattan Beach to reserve a volleyball court. By 9am the beach was getting busy and we were lucky to get a really close parking spot. Soon later the entire 20 person clan arrived with lots of snacks and chair. My legs have been really hurting lately so i didn’t partake in the volleyball action but did get some good reading time in.


For dinner we all headed to Road to Seoul for some yummy Korean BBQ. Its still the only place that we can think of that can fit that many people and a pretty good deal per person.


It was a good day, and we got home before it got dark. We didn’t have to go very far to watch fireworks because we live in a slightly ghetto area so we just had to look out our windows for a good showing of illegal fireworks that went on from dusk to 11pm.

The rest of the Weekend


Friday morning Joy had to work and I had to bring the car in for an oil change, so Roland joined me for a round of golf at Iron-Wood 9. It was fun to play a course i grew up on, and haven’t played at for year. Sadly even though i can hit the ball so much farther i still scored pretty poorly, playing bogey golf the whole way through, but i beat Roland and thats what really counts.


Saturday morning Joy and I went on an easy hike at the Roy Rogers State Historic Park. Its pretty flat and wide 2.1 mile trail that is a circle path, with a slow incline that has a good view of the city at the top. There are lots of mountain bikers that use the trail we had to look around corners to make sure we weren’t going be run over.



Sunday morning we went to the Pasadena City College Flea Market with Joy’s friends and picked up some succulents cacti for the house. For lunch we headed to Kim Ky for some noodle soup.


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