Its very rare when i’m actually excited about a sequel to a movie than the original, but somehow Despicable Me 2 did it. Its one of those rare “cute” movies where i didn’t feel like it was going to be full of cringe worthy moments and for the most part i was correct on my assumptions. It was definitely moving towards the top of the best movies for this summer and i would recommend to go see it even as an adult.

Spoilers from here on out


What did i like?


Minions. Minions. Minions. It makes perfect sense that they’re getting their own movie next year. Even if you don’t understand them, the animators did a great job getting the point across with the non-verbal cues.


I liked the progression of Gru, and the girls developed, and especially the scenes where his neighbor tries to set him up with her girl friends.


I finally understood the movie previews that included the minions in the pre-show messaging about being quiet, and turning off your phone.

What didn’t i like?

Despicable-Me-2-El-Macho3Really the only part that i didn’t like in the movie was the last 10 minutes of the movie after they stop El Macho evil minions that he injects himself with the same purple serum to become a super powerful bad guy. This has been the same plot for all super hero movies as The Incredible Hulk or even Iron Man.


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