Last month Tiffany and Ben invited us to Cinespia showing of The Princess Bride. If you don’t know Cinespia uses the Hollywood Cemetery as a backdrop to show classic movies. I thinks its a bit morbid, but at the same time its a thing to do in Los Angeles now a days.


Its was a fun experience and amazing how many people they get in there to watch next to someone’s headstone. We arrived about 30 minutes before they opened the gate and still ended up sitting all the way back and slightly to the left of the screen. You can see how many people showed up before we did in the picture above.


You’re allowed to bring in your own food, and drinks so its kind of like the Hollywood bowl, and you can see how serious some people take it as they would bring tables, electric candles and lots of wine. We on the other hand brought some Godmother sandwiches from Bay Cities, Fried chicken, and not enough blankets. By the time the movie gets going the temperature dropped below 70° and if you’re sitting still can get really cold.

hollywood-forever-movie-4I was afraid that i was going to struggle to see the screen from where we were sitting, but i actually thought it was fine, and didn’t even doze off for a second like i probably would’ve any other time.

10 Tips for Movies at the Hollywood Cemetery:

  1. Buy your tickets ahead of time because they will sell out
  2. Bring blankets to mark your space and for warmth, you never know how cold it will get
  3. People love smoking pot in a cemetery
  4. Bring wet-naps to clean up if you don’t want to head to the port-o-potties
  5. Get there early because traffic can be a nightmare
  6. Don’t forget your bottle opener
  7. Bring a flashlight so you can walk in the dark after the movie is over
  8. Parking in the cemetery is the closest, but parking at the Paramount structure is probably faster
  9. You have to wait until it gets completely dark before the show starts so bring stuff to kill time if you bring kids
  10. You’ll be blanket to blanket to people sitting next to you so relax and have fun

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