I realized that i haven’t actually said anything about our impending new addition to our household, but by the end of the year i’ll be a dad. I can hardly still believe it but i guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.


Joy hit 19 weeks and it was time to find out the gender of the future kid and leading up to it people kept asking me if i preferred a boy or a girl and for the most part i didn’t care. But as people kept asking me i started to form an opinion and hoped for a boy and started to think about playing basketball and what not with him.

Friday we headed to the hospital to find out and well it turns out that we’re having a girl. Not that i’m really disappointed but i just need to adjust my thinking path. I still expect to have a second child and i was pretty happy growing up with an older sister too. I’ve also learned that girls are typically easier to handle in the early years since they’re smarter and generally easier to deal with.


We actually already started a blog fattyjr.com once we found out that Joy was with child. We’ll be doing most of the updates there and to keep this blog more kid less friendly.

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