The original Monsters Inc. ranks in the top 3 of Pixar movies so i was pretty excited last year when i saw preview images of MU, Monsters University. Now a days if things are on the internet are for reals or just some fan fiction or a real prequel. The movie did not disappoint even though i began to hear rumblings that it wasn’t going to be a good movie. It was definitely better than Cars 2, with a plot that didn’t feel stretched out just to make the movie to be longer.



So what worked?


I liked seeing Mike and Sully back again, especially as nemesis. It was also interesting to see how they worked Randall into the story to flow into Monsters Inc. I was interested in seeing how they would move him from being a nerdy kid into the evil genius that he eventually becomes.

monsters-univ-rorThe movie’s main plot is a basic underdog type of movie, with a bunch of lovable yet uniquely skilled cast of misfits. I liked though at the end it wasn’t a revenge of the nerds type ending where they overcome the big bad frats and become champions per se.

So what didn’t work?

I wish they did make more of a point of them being in college because it was only really shown through fast paced transition scenes. I know they wanted to keep the flow of the movie to the plot but for once i wish there were a few more side scenes to mimic college life.

That was really just about it, with a run time of 1 hr. 35 min. it was one of the shorter movies we’ve seen this summer (my bladder appreciated it) and it was a good movie for the entire time where i didn’t feel like i needed to slap my forehead in frustration.

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