For Father’s Day i pre-bought tickets for the Beach Cities Arclight to take my dad in the afternoon. He was pretty happy with going to such a nice theater since he’s used to going to the UA Los Cerritos Galaxy $5 Tuesday  special. I bought the tickets early enough to get dead center middle seats and didn’t have to stress about getting to the theater early.


Overall the movie was good and if you enjoyed Batman Begins then you’ll enjoy the Man of Steel. I’ve never been much of a Superman fan, i think he just has way too many powers and really struggles way more then he should. Besides my own biases i did think they did a good job of exploring Superman’s upbringing and discoveries of his super powers nicely.

Spoilers ahead!

So what worked?


I thought the cast was really spot on, and thought played each of their roles well. The movie really only revolved around Superman with everyone else in as a supporting cast but each played a vital role in how it helped shape Superman’s personality and mental shape as he struggles to figures out who he is.


I don’t really remember the original story of General Zod so i went into the movie with a blank slate and it was interesting to see where he was coming from.

What did I have a problem with?

It took me until a few days after the movie to realize that i’ve seen this movie before. Its Transformers all over again, but instead of mechanical aliens needing to rebuild their own race, its a super powered humanoid trying to restart their own race.

superman-man-of-steel-bankSo what happens when you have two supercharged guys battling it out in a city? Not really much in reality. Sure there were lots of things being blown up, and buildings destroyed, but you kind of understood that these two were basically indestructible so it wasn’t like either were going to get hurt during the entire battle scene. I actually decided to close my eyes during this time because i was tired.

general-zod-2The story goes that General Zod was bred to be a warrior, and to protect Krypton and gains the same powers that Superman does when exposed to the Earth’s Yellow Sun, so i find it hard to believe that he would have any trouble defeating and capturing Superman. Especially since Superman was taught from a young age not to use his powers against people so where in the world did he learn to fight?




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